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Policies and Procedures

  1. Using Your Account
    1. Contact Information: Our contact information policy requires that all users have updated contact information on file with us at all times, including email address and phone number.
      1. PartsRiver: 
        1. Phone: 510-360-5361
        2. E-mail: support@partsriver.com
        3. Address: PO Box 34630, San Antonio, TX 78265
      2. Buyer: only available to seller after an order has been placed
      3. Seller: available to buyers as follows:
        1. Local Sellers: address, phone and website always listed, if available
        2. RFQ: when seller responds
        3. e-Commerce Orders: name & location always available, phone & email can be made available to buyer after an order has been placed.
    2. Communications with Sellers: PartsRiver.com sends automated emails to sellers for the services they have signed up for (such as RFQs and e-Commerce orders).           
  2. Listing Items and Inventory 
    1. Listing Regulations: PartsRiver.com is a heavy duty vehicle parts marketplace, therefore we restrict the types of items that can be listed to our industry-specific and related parts.  Items submitted for listing are first compared to our 9 million plus parts database, and if not already included, are sent to our industry expert for review.
    2. Pricing of Items
      1. You (Seller) are responsible for setting the prices of the parts you choose to offer on PartsRiver.com and should take into account all applicable costs (including PartsRiver fees) when listing and pricing your items.   PartsRiver.com does not adjust your prices.
      2. General Pricing Rule: You must always ensure that the item price and total price of an item you list on PartsRiver.com are at or below the item price and total price at which you offer and/or sell the item via any other online sales channel.
        1. The item price is the amount payable by a buyer, excluding taxes, shipping and handling, as it appears when you list an item.
        2. The total price is the amount payable by a buyer as well as all terms of offer/sale.  This includes shipping & handling charges, shipping method, discounts, rebates or special promotions you make with respect to purchases.
  3. Orders
    1. Receiving Orders: an order is created when a buyer has completed the checkout process on PartsRiver.com. Both the buyer and seller are sent an email from PartsRiver.com about the order, and the order is displayed in the Buyer Account and the Seller Portal.
    2. Fulfillment of Orders: Sellers are expected to ship all orders within two business days of the date the order notification is made available by PartsRiver, unless other lead time is known to buyer at time of order placement. All sellers are required to offer standard shipping. Sellers may also elect to include expedited shipping.
      1. Standard: the buyer should receive the order within 4 to 14 business days from the date of shipment (longer in some cases).
      2. Expedited: the buyer should receive the order within 2 to 6 business days after shipment.
    3. Order Cancellation: all cancellations are handled through PartsRiver.com
      1. Buyer can only cancel items or orders that have not been processed for shipment.
      2. If seller cannot complete a transaction due to an extraordinary circumstance, the seller may cancel the order. Seller must immediately notify PartsRiver with the reason for cancellation, and PartsRiver.com will notify the buyer. 
        1. If you know you cannot fulfill an order on time, be sure to cancel it right away so we can notify the buyer. It is important to show this consideration to buyers so they can decide whether to find the item elsewhere. Buyers who receive prompt notice of an order cancellation are less likely to leave negative feedback for your account.
    4. Taxes: PartsRiver.com marketplace items are sold and shipped directly by the third-party sellers who are responsible for the remittance and reporting of applicable sales taxes. Each seller has different sales tax collection obligations, depending on their business policies and location of their operations. PartsRiver.com collects sales taxes on the seller’s behalf according to their instructions. These instructions vary depending on the tax laws in each state. In some cases, PartsRiver.com collects and remits sales tax on marketplace items regardless of the seller’s obligations.
    5. PartsRiver currently collects taxes for orders
      1. originating from or being delivered to addresses in states in which PartsRiver currently does business (TX) unless the buyer is exempt from any applicable taxes, as determined by PartsRiver based on the information provided to PartsRiver by buyer (including Buyer's tax ID number and copies of valid state reseller certificates, or other valid tax or other exemption certificates issued or authorized by the appropriate authority);
      2. in which Buyer and Seller’s shipping addresses are in the same state for states that collect sales tax;
      3. whenever sales tax is required by law;
      4. PartsRiver’s software calculates the appropriate taxes based on buyer and seller locations. We can also collect/manage resale and other tax exempt certifications. In PartsRiver’s payment to the seller, we will include any taxes collected on your behalf. We will send you a report with the details of such taxes. Seller is responsible for remitting and filing taxes with the appropriate authority.
  4. Shipping
    1. Calculation of Shipping Costs: Shipping/Freight is typically based on weight and distance. We interface with common carriers such as FedEx and UPS. Seller can also set flat shipping rates based on order size.
    2. Location Restrictions: When seller registers, you can limit your order territory to designated locations, if desired.
    3. currently only available for listing, sale, and shipment of items (i) originating from seller addresses in the U.S. and shipped to a buyer address in the U.S.; (excluding Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam; APO, FPO & P.O. Box addresses) and (ii) originating from seller addresses in Canada and shipped to a buyer address in Canada. PartsRiver hopes to expand the geographic reach of its Service to other countries in the future.
    4. Packaging for Outbound Shipments: Carefully Wrap and Clearly Label Your Packages
      1. Prepare a professional, clean package. Use new shipping/packing materials intended for packing items like yours. Seal all shipments tightly with packaging tape.
      2. Include a packing slip with your item. You can print a packing slip from the Orders page of your seller portal.
      3. Use a complete shipping address. You can cut an address label from your printed packing slip and attach it to your package.
      4. Use a complete return address, typewritten or printed in a neat and legible manner, on all packages. Include your seller name in the return address.
      5. Prominently label the package with the message, "Your PartsRiver.com Marketplace Order."
    5. Problems with Shipments: If buyer received a damaged, defective or incorrect item, they will contact the seller directly to correct the problem. If the buyer doesn't receive your shipment:
      1. Communicate with the buyer to reach a mutually agreeable solution in regard to this transaction. How you decide to proceed is ultimately determined by you and your customer service policy, but all sellers are expected to demonstrate a high level of customer service.
        1. Your options include:
          1. Refunding the buyer. This is generally the most customer-friendly resolution. If the order eventually arrives, PartsRiver.com can recharge the customer with their explicit authorization.
          2. Shipping or drop-shipping the order at your cost. While this may be a financial loss for your business, it is generally a customer-friendly solution.
  5. Payments: After a sale occurs and you have sent PartsRiver.com confirmation that the order has been shipped, PartsRiver.com processes the payment from the buyer and credits the net proceeds from the sale to your seller account. Keep in mind that refunds to buyers, selling fees, and other transactions are debited against amounts credited to your account from sales.
    1. Sales Commission
      When your item sells, PartsRiver collects the amount paid by the buyer (including the item price and any shipping, tax or other charges). PartsRiver deducts as a fee a percentage of the item price, excluding any taxes and shipping costs. The introductory fee is 10% of the item price. 
    2. Listing/Management Fee: PartsRiver.com introductory pricing waives the monthly management fee for e-commerce orders.
    3. Payment Method: PartsRiver.com accepts payment by credit card and PayPal. PartsRiver.com pays sellers initially via check and eventually by direct wire transfer to seller’s bank. The funds in your seller account will be automatically transferred to your bank account every 30 days.
  6. Customer Service: PartsRiver.com is not in the business of selling user information.
    1. Fraud and Security Measures: Choose a strong password for your PartsRiver.com account.
    2. Seller Ratings: PartsRiver.com will introduce a seller rating system where buyers can rate seller performance.
  7. Returns
    1. Acceptable Reasons for Return: Seller can determine acceptable reasons for returns or can limit returns of certain items. Return policy should be available for buyer review prior to ordering.
    2. Returns Process
      1. Seller should issue an RMA to buyer before any return can be processed.
      2. PartsRiver.com provides a venue for Sellers and Buyers to negotiate refunds and returns on most orders. Seller will accept and process returns and provide refunds and adjustments for returned items, and seller will calculate and refund any associated taxes required to be refunded. Seller will route all refund payments through PartsRiver or its designated affiliate. PartsRiver or its designated affiliate will credit the applicable buyer account, and seller will reimburse PartsRiver for all amounts so credited. 
  8. Termination: PartsRiver.com goal is the complete satisfaction of buyers and sellers.
    1. A seller who fails to ship an item, respond to a non-delivery case or settle a disputed transaction in a reasonable manner may be suspended. Users who do not comply with PartsRiver.com's policies may be subject to review, which can result in suspension of account privileges and/or termination. Suspended or terminated users remain obligated to pay PartsRiver.com for all unpaid fees per our Terms of Use.