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Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find your question or answer in the list below, please send us a message on our contact us form.  A member of our staff will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Q. What is PartsRiver.com?

Partsriver.com is the one stop marketplace for heavy duty truck parts. Since it was founded in 1999, PartsRiver Inc. has helped many large Fortune 500 fleets to manage their parts master and optimize their part purchasing process. Search our database of over 9 million parts at Partsriver.com. You can find alternates parts that fit the job. You can purchase parts, find local dealers, submit RFQs, and place orders... all in one place!

Q. Why PartsRiver?

There has never been a better way for buyers and sellers to buy and sell heavy duty truck parts. PartsRiver offers over 9 million parts sold by qualified sellers to part buyers all over the country, all in one place!

Q. Can I advertise my products on PartsRiver.com?

We have the smartest ads in the business. Your ad can appear when a buyer is searching for the brand or category that you sell. One click on the ad and they are directed to your website.

Q. How can I find a local seller for a part I need?

PartsRiver.com will pick up your zip code automatically and show you which local sellers in your neighborhood carry the parts you are looking for.

Q. PartsRiver.com lists local sellers for various parts.  How can my business be listed as a local seller, and how can my business be highlighted on the list?

By submitting your business information (Company name, address, phone number, etc.), along with a list of brands you sell, your business will be highlighted as a local seller Premium Listing for the brands you carry. 

Q. I have an existing online store.  Can PartsRiver.com send buyers to my site to place their order?

Absolutely. We call you a Part Connect Seller. We place a “Buy it Now” button next to your part listing. One click on the button and the buyer is taken to the part page in your existing online store.

Q. I am having a hard time finding a part.  Can you help me?

Glad you asked. Simply fill out a short Request for Quote form and PartsRiver.com will send out an “All Points Bulletin” to our network of sellers all over the country. They will respond to you through PartsRiver.com with their price and availability. 

Q. I need a large quantity of a part.  Do you have a quote request service?

Yes. For each part you search for, there is an option to fill out a “Request for Quote” form which PartsRiver.com will send to all subscribing sellers that stock this part.  They will respond to you through PartsRiver.com with their price and availability. 

Q. I am a seller.  Can you send me requests for quotes submitted by buyers?

Yes. By subscribing to PartsRiver’s Request For Quote service, you will receive RFQs for the parts you carry. Your response will be sent to the buyer through PartsRiver.com.

Q. I don’t have an online store.  Can you take orders/process payment, and send the orders to my business?

You have come to the right place. Simply list your parts on PartsRiver.com and you are in business. PartsRiver.com will take the order, collect payment, taxes, charge for shipping costs, send both the order and the payment directly to you. Once you ship, simply send a shipping notification back to the customer on PartsRiver.com. And we will provide you with all the analytics reporting you need to understand the buying patterns of your customers.

Q. My company has established contracts with several suppliers.  How can we make sure that all orders placed by our buyers comply with these contracts?

PartsRiver provides Contract Compliance services based on the fleet’s business rules.  For example, if a buyer wishes to buy part “A” which is not an approved part, the system will display the approved and contracted equivalent part “B”.  This ensures that parts procurement flows with the terms of the contract.  

Q. Do you help International buyers to purchase products?

Yes. Because of our extensive supplier network, we are able to locate, purchase, and ship a wide variety of parts to companies all over the world.

Q. Do you provide sellers with analytics reports?

Not only do sellers get sales reports, we also provide reports showing what buyers searched for, how long they stayed on each web page, what alternate parts they looked at, and much more. You will have a complete view of your  customer activities as well as market trends.

Q. Does PartsRiver provide training on best practices in B2B e-Commerce?

Yes! PartsRiver's team of experts will train you on best practices in B2B online business. The PartsRiver team works round the clock with you as your partner with up to 24/7 phone and email support. Total customer delight is our primary goal.

Q. Can PartsRiver build an online store for my company where only our parts are displayed?

Absolutely. You can have your own e-Store, powered by PartsRiver.com, which displays only your parts.  Your parts will also be visible in the PartsRiver.com marketplace.

Q. I just signed up with PartsRiver as a seller.  How do I upload my parts information?

Getting started is easy!  Simply submit a file with your parts details and our team does the rest.  A member of our sales team can explain the file types and the content that should be included. 

Q. How do I update my profile information on my account?

As a Buyer, login to your account at partsriver.com, click on My Account, go to Account Information, update your profile by editing your name or email address, changing your password, or changing your account type and save the new information.

Q. What do I do if I need to return my part?

Contact us at 510-360-5361 for a return merchandise authorization (RMA).

Q. Will my entire order ship at the same time?

If your order contains parts from various sellers, they will ship separately from the individual sellers.

Q. How do I track my order?

Login to your account on partsriver.com and click on My Account. You will see a list of all your orders. Find the order you want to track and click “View Order” to go to the details about it. Scroll down to see a“Track your order” link.

Q. What if I have a problem or concern with a seller that I ordered from?

Contact us at 510-360-5361