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Cross Referencing Solutions for Replacement Truck Parts

Alternate parts: your best tool to reduce spend or increase sales


Fleets want to save money. Manufacturers want to increase sales. How could one tool do both? We've got the answer: accurate and ongoing parts cross referencing to identify alternate parts.


The power of alternates

Our Parts Cross Reference service will give you all the data you need to harness the power of alternate parts. How can that help you?


For Fleets

We cross reference your parts master data across manufacturers and suppliers to make sure every part is matched to currently available alternate parts. This means you'll get your equipment back up and running and reduce spend.

For Manufacturers

When we cross reference your replacement truck parts, you'll be ensuring that the buyers looking for alternate parts find yours. There's no easier way to increase your sales.


Why PartsRiver?

With our 9 million – and growing – parts database, we've got more data at our fingertips than anyone else in the industry. When you put the power of our technology and our people to work for you, you'll open up a whole new – alternate – way of doing business.


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