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Contract Compliance Engine for Fleets

Since it was founded in 1999, PartsRiver Inc. has helped many large Fortune 500 fleets to manage their parts master and optimize their part purchasing process.  Contract Compliance means parts spend control for the fleet and, for the supplier, it ensures that parts purchases flow through the established contract.

Larger fleets with multiple maintenance locations can spend up to 40% of parts spend “off contract” and cost the company much more than they realize. Equipment uptime is usually, and should be, the number one priority for fleets.  As parts buyers’ need to get trucks and trailers back on the road, they may have to buy a non-approved part from a non-approved supplier at a higher price. Add this up over a year, and you can be talking big money.

As a result, lots of part numbers for the same part may be added to the parts master, at different prices. Corporate has no way to evaluate what is being bought on or off contract or how much more than budget is being spent. Contract suppliers lose sales which doesn’t help the fleet come contract negotiation time. No visibility means no spend control.

PartsRiver’s Contract Compliance service helps parts buyers ensure they buy as many parts as possible on contract. When the buyer searches for a non-approved part, the approved alternate part and approved supplier are displayed. The service is a cloud based solution that incorporates the fleet’s parts master, contract pricing, and approved parts with PartsRiver’s parts data base of over 9 million parts.

The result is reduced parts spend with no increase in downtime, better negotiations with your preferred suppliers, and complete visibility of all activity with alternates and new parts. Because it is cloud based there is no hardware or software to purchase or install. Let the PartsRiver team get you set up and get your fleet on its way to increasing profits.